Tuesday, 3 December 2013

How To Secure Facebook Account

 How To Secure Facebook Account

 Facebook is an Social Networking Service and Facebook is world's Largest Growing Social Networking Site. Now I am Going To Tell You How You Can Secure Your Facebook Account From Hackers.

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Today We Have Many Accounts On Social Networking Sites Example:- Facebook,Twitter and Google Plus.So we Always Worry About Security of Our Accounts.In This Post I will tell You 'How To Secure  Facebook Account'. Facebook Have Millions of Daily Users and That's Why We always Worried About Account Security.This Post Also Increase Your Knowledge about Facebook Security and Also Prevent Your Account From Hackers.


How To Secure Facebook Account

Follow These Steps To Secure Facebook Account

1. Log In To Your Facebook Account and Click on "Account Setting"

2. Then Click on " Security"

  In Security Setting You Can See 4 Method Of Secure Your Account
  • Security Question
  • Secure Browsing
  • Log in Notification
  • Trusted Contacts

3. First Click on 'Security Question'
  • Select Your Question and Write an Unique Answer

4. Then Click on 'Secure Browsing'
  • Tick on Browse Facebook on Secure Connection
5 Then Click on 'Log in Notification'
  • Whenever Your Facebook I.D Opened at Any Place or Device Then Facebook Send You an Log in Notification Message

6  This is Last Setting Which 'Trusted Contacts'
  • Whenever You Forget Your Password Then Facebook Send Code To Your 3 Trusted Friends
Click on Choose Trusted Contacts and Search For Your Three Best Friends

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